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Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging, please be patient with me. I have always been passionately interested in science and always been a committed Christian who believes in the creative power of God, and I honestly believe that the two are not mutually exclusive. I would like to use this blog to explore this relationship.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Georgie's Art

On Facebook I have the privledge to know a wonderful artist--actually a few wonderful artists, poets, writers, but this one image caught my eye and I really want to share it here.  This artist is Georgie Pendragon and I have her permission to do this.  She has a few others as well, I will add them here as well.

and one more.
Thank you Georgie.  You inspire me.  (Somehow I have one picture in twice and haven't figured out yet how to rectify that.  Sorry.)

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